Are kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio dating Horny dirty chat with women

For years, we've watched the two celebs spend quality time together through a paparazzi lens or at an awards show, on the other side of our television screens.

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(Paramount Pictures via AP) Ever since Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio played star-crossed lovers in “Titanic,” fans of the movie have pined for the two to get together in real life.

Maybe the A-listers are partly to blame, for being such persuasive actors.

turns 20-years-old (yeah, really), and while the relationship between Kate Winslet’s Rose and Leonardo Di Caprio’s Jack ended tragically in the North Atlantic Ocean, the in-real-life love between Kate and Leo is undying.

WATCH: 10 Times Kate And Leo Gave Us Frienship Goals They support each other through every Hollywood milestone – Leo once called Kate the ‘best actor of her generation’ and Kate was seen crying through Leo’s Oscar acceptance speech. At least if they're not 'together' they can't 'break up', right?

“He’s quite centered and calm, and that’s different to the way he was 20 years ago,” she says.

Two decades later, and the pair’s off-screen friendship has – to borrow a phrase from Céline Dion – gone on and on: as have our collective wishes to see their on-screen romance replicated in real life, with a happier ending.

Shouldn’t they just get married and live happily ever after, encapsulating all of our Nineties dreams in one Hollywood power couple?

For Kate, the answer is a definitive ‘no’ – though she completely understands our collective frustrations at their resolutely non-romantic relationship.

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