Appropriate dating age equation

When he goes to the bar to get it, Ann's sitting there.They get into a long conversation about when they were together.

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Leslie has prepared the Pawnee Parks Department Master Plan, which details all the spending and proposals for the next year.

At the city meeting, it's announced that all city planning and spending has been put on hold indefinitely.

The entire Pawnee city government will shut down until further notice.

Sent by Chris Jones on November 20, 2002 Who can argue against science? Sent by big john on December 16, 2002 I would like to determine the age for boyfriend. She said that everyone gets his/her ya-yas out, and that no one will fight over money. Sent by Gary Molitor on January 1, 2003 WOW that's amazing!

After doing the math, Andy figures he should date someone who's at least 21 and a half. Mark wants to talk about why Ann broke up with him.

He's confused because he thought they had a great relationship.

To help everyone through the process, the city is bringing in state auditors. To avoid looking creepy while dating, what age should your date be?

Tom's formula involves dividing his age in half and adding seven.

State auditors Chris and Ben arrive at the Parks and Recreation Department to meet with Leslie and Ron.

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