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Cheap Hydrogen will reactivate all idled Hydrogen Based Industries internationally affected by high petroleum costs, and this will boost food, chemical, and metal industries worldwide.

PROPOSAL TO THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT AND FOREIGN INVESTORS Through intensive research and development on oceanographic data and processes with foreign associates, the proponent discovered that concentrated Hydrogen exists only about one centimeter thick in every 3,000 meters deep of water mass at the ocean floor.

ang pagdating ng mga kastila-4

Ang pagdating ng mga kastila

A SPECIAL REPORT International Press Release By: (name of proponent withheld) Metro Manila , Philippines HYDROGEN from Water was predicted by Jules Verne in 1874 to be the fuel of the future.

During World War II, Germany used V-2 Rocket Bombs propelled by HYDROGEN. Jacob Bigeleisen discovered that at room temperature or under atmospheric condition, DEUTERIUM ATOMS are electrolyzed naturally out of water in the form of HYDROGEN gas.

Para sa kaalaman ng karamihan at para malaman niyo na rin ang dahilan kung bakit nanggigil ang Tsina at iba pang bansang pilit na gumagawa ng paraan na panghimasukan ang interes, ekononomiya at teritoryo ng ating bansa.

Dagdag pa ang mga pulitikong may mga personal na interes kaya nangungunyapit sa kapangyarihan at halos lahat ay gustong maging pangulo ng Pilipinas.

With the Philippine Trench at 7,000 meters to 10,500 meters deep, Deuterium is naturally trapped through the ages untapped by man through this day, replenished by nature through the North Equatorial Current Tidal Flow from more than 12,000 kilometers away in Central America to the Philippines hitting the Philippine Trench DIRECTLY PERPENDICULAR – The one and only Trench with the widest and longest resource flow of Deuterium in the whole world!

This proponent presented in March 1986 the Deuterium Project to the Philippines and American Governments in his desire to help the People of the Philippines and its Government, by introducing an internationally accepted production-sharing scheme. 40% of daily production revenue goes to the Government, 40% goes to the Investors, and 20% is retained or set aside to cover the cost of security, operation, management, administration, salaries and wages, materials, supplies, repairs and maintenance, and other operation costs.

The Security of Investments are provided for by the Omnibus Investment Act, the Investments Law, the Constitution of the Philippines (past, present, and proposed) guarantee the Constitutional Rights to Properties and Due Process, including just compensation.

The Government MUST GUARANTEE enforcement of these laws.

Foreign Investors have been informed that all funds would have to be provided by them on the following items: 1) Funds for Research and Development; 2) Mobilization Costs and Recruitment; 3) Engineering, Development and Construction Costs; 4) Equipment, Pumping, Storage, Loading facilities and other industrial project costs The 20% production sharing revenue would be set aside and be used for Security, Management, Administration, salaries and wages, materials, supplies, transportation and housing personnel, food, medical supplies, and other operational costs in order to preserve and not disturb the 40% production revenue sharing for each of the Government, and the Investors’ shares.

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