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One night while alone, I decided to download Grindr – just to see how this whole thing worked. That’s because I still go on that app to meet guys here and there. Yep, I am.”Martin (39) Identifies as hetero to wife I used to attend a military college that was ROTC. Honestly, I wanted to return the favor but he never would let me. Once I figured out how it worked, I found myself getting hit on by other men. During my time there, I became close friends with a guy who would later become a Marine. After that first time, we ended up being ‘secret boyfriends’ with one another. We’re still really close though.”Kyle (27) Heterosexual and embarrassed “During high school, I was buds with a guy who lived up the block. But two weeks later, I ended up doing it for real when me and the gay dude met up at my place. I wish I had a neighbor like that now.”Dave (37) Straightsville“It was just a random thing one time when I checked into a hotel. One weekend night (more like 2 am) while we were both at the store, we hooked up in the dairy case. Late on a Friday night, a guy that I was friendly with (maybe mid-40’s? When I asked him to tell me more, he said he’d tell me later through text and asked for my number.

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Unlike other parts of the house, this area was quiet with soft music playing in the background. On the last night of our living together (he was moving because of a job) we spent time chatting in the living room. In turn, I hinted to him that I thought he was attractive. It was the only time I ever did it with another guy. Who knows.”Adam (37)/Straight but open to new experiences“My gay friends had told me all about how they were using hookup apps to meet people and get it on. The whole thing went down at this dude’s apartment – maybe 2 miles away.

In the corners, you could see guys getting blowjobs, with passersby taking turns. Before I knew it, some dude dressed like the Lone Ranger motioned me in. It didn’t take long for us to start fooling around. At the time, there weren’t a lot of options like that for straight guys. I guess on some level I am bi and not really straight.

My buddy was a few years older (26) and someone I looked up to.

He had a girlfriend at the time and has since married her.

Reading hookup stories about men hooking up with other men can be a blast. Let’s face it – there’s nothing like hearing about first time experiences from curious dudes.

Because GPB is a story driven site, we decided to query our readers via social media about some of their experiences. What follows are 25 gay hookup stories from straight identifying guys who (at some point) had a same sex encounter.

Things got charged quickly and I could see he was getting erect through his camouflage pants.

Once we got into the tent to go to bed, things happened almost spontaneously.

Somehow, the conversation turned to which girl gave the best blowjob. It’s weird, because then the conversation turned to technique.

Maybe it was just a mutual attraction thing but before I knew it, we were going down on each other in his parent’s basement. He was happy and so was I.”-Nick (34)/Straight“More than a few years ago, I used to be best buddies with a guy from my neighborhood.

I’d come in, pull down my Levi’s and let him do me. It only happened once – even though he wanted to do it again. I didn’t wasn’t comfortable making it a regular thing, you know?

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