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Yes, the installation will require a short service interruption.

Utilities employees will notify any residents who are home prior to interrupting water service.

We offer automatic draft on a checking account and recurring/one-time payment using a Visa, Master Card or Discover credit card through our Citizen Access service on the website.

In addition, we accept payment by check, money order, credit card and cash at the Customer Service window in City Hall.

That information is automatically sent to a citizen (if they provided email) who requested the work. The West U auto decal can be purchased in the Finance Department, 3800 University Boulevard, or in Public Works Permit Office, 3826 Amherst.

The cost is $1.00 per sticker and you must show proof of residency.

Citizens who submit a request are offered a choice of providing their contact information for tracking and follow-up or remaining anonymous.

The City recognizes that some citizens or business operators may wish to provide information anonymously, and the system allows them to easily do so.

The system can automatically send updates on issues of interest to individual citizens and educate citizens using frequently asked questions.

Citizens who contact the city by phone (713-668-4441), fax, or in person at 3800 University Boulevard, will have their request entered by a staff member and will be offered a choice of how they would like to be updated on the status of their request.

The system allows the city to connect with citizens in the language with which they are most comfortable.

A typical scenario would include a citizen needing to contact a city department for a service - this could be to report a water leak, a missing or damaged traffic sign, etc.

Auto decals are not required for parking in West U.

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