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We have the double country passes, like Denmark and Germany, or the European East pass, where you can see the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, or the Balkan Flexi Pass which gives you the freedom to visit seven countries in one month - Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey.

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For example, you may want to take the TGV Lyria from Paris to Geneva and then travel to Germany to visit Berlin and Munich to Frankfurt on the ICE trains, and then down to Vienna and Salzburg, and finish off in Rome. UK - Travel around the UK and Scotland, and we can get you great deals on the Britrail Pass and the Britrail Central Scotland pass.

France - Get to know the real France with the freedom of the France Rail Pass.

Switzerland - Hop on an off, with the Swiss Pass, and explore the mountains, lakes and cities.

You may want to visit more than one country on your trip.

Instead, they're on the run from Voldemort Fiennes and his fearsome Death Eaters.

Eurail Global Pass is the most flexible Eurail Pass, and best for people who want complete freedom on their travels.

Once activated, you are all set and ready to explore.

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