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" (Norma Radin); (12) "Individualized Educational Prograns as a Tool m Evaluation" (Jean Campbell); (13) "Program Evaluation m School Social Work" (Alvin Flieder) ; (14) "Content- Analysis: It Does Have a Place in Social Work Research" (Paula Allen-Meares) ; (15) "Applications of Content Analysis to Social Work Practice in Schools" (Paula Alien-Meares) ; (16) "Qualitative Research as a Perspective" (Roy Ruckde FChel) ; (17) "Qualitative Research Methodologies" (Tony Tnpodi); (18) "The Ethnographic Interview as a Useful Tool for the School Social Worker" (Ron Roberts and James Mc Cullagh) ? To wi ths: adequate eriip"' r ,ca' -jv^ a positive d i ff eren L'\ ERLC V 0 This 0003 ri'j: iha: sc Iudo! I "esp.y s mi 1 1 1 r ; 1 1 ■ r V , n ' nt,'d to iho scfiool social - ^ -i I 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 1^ent c icat 1 r q Ler\:nb I' itc fy ;:^oi 1 cy is ^"■'.l Of.d pol Ic lyoe, IS s t i ju^. School practi tioners '"-iv idua 1 p^act ice and program ^ues a' f-ct ing school s, chi Idren, and ! Recent state and nation- 's 0" education a^e demanding that the school as cu.couniable I j the public. Read More

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