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The witness of the Spirit makes us "sure that the apostles' Christ is real and is ours" (p.65).The Spirit assures us of Christ's love for us poured out at the cross (p.66).

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There is insufficient Biblical evidence for a second blessing or baptism of the Spirit that believers are to seek.

Tongues in Scripture are actual languages that are used for edification, and able to be interpreted.

This primary work of the Spirit is highlighted in John ("He will take what is mine and declare it to you"), a verse which Packer returns to frequently throughout the book.

Following on from his thesis that the primary role of the Spirit is to glorify Jesus, Packer lays out his understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in chapter 2.

There are a number of books that provide a theology of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Likewise, there are also a number of books that critique the charismatic movement, pointing out its excesses and disputing its biblical foundation. Before Packer begins to lay out a theology of the Spirit or seriously assessing charismatic claims, he uses chapter 1 to highlight and question some assumptions about the operation of the Spirit which are common in charismatic circles. The Spirit is often viewed as something which you "switch on and use" (p.26 emphasis original) and which helps one to "perform" better, be that holy living or miraculous gifting (p.27).

However, it is rare to find a book that both affirms that God is at work in the charismatic movement and also rejects the major claims of that very same movement. In just 200 pages or so, Packer lays out a positive theology of the work of the Holy Spirit and issues challenges to both cessationists and charismatics. This focus on power for performance instead of on purity results in a man-centeredness which "does not take us to the heart of the truth about the Spirit" (p.31).

But in "Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in our Walk with God", J. Rather, the work of the Spirit is to glorify Jesus.

Those who desire a holy life should "let go and let God" by entirely consecrating themselves to Him.

After comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each, Packer asserts his belief that the Augustinian view is the most well grounded, in both Scripture and reality.

"If we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit."-Galatians The Holy Spirit empowers us, guides us, and enables us to grow and endure in our relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ.

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